By Anonymous

September 27, 2023

First things first, we aren't saying these are the strongest characters of all time (but we are saying small sha), we are saying that within their own universe, you don't want to run into them on any given day because they are just over-powered. 

In no particular order... but order still dey sha... 

5. Hinokami Kagura from Demon Slayer 

We have never actually seen this man fight, I mean, he has been dead for generations before the series (but so was Madara but everybody still chopped beating in the last arc). However, from the way Muzan almost had an asthma attack on seeing someone who reminded him of this boss, you just know he isn't anybody's mate. Form techniques aside (even without sun breathing), they made a six-armed swordsman just to get close to simulating this baba. Confirmed, Hinokami, an odogwu you be.

4. Zaraki Kenpachi of Bleach 

Some of you were still reading Archie when this man was making Ichigo sweat just based on presence, and he didn't even use bankai back then. How do you even become a captain without having a bankai? Kenpachi is so strong he literally has to reduce his own riatsu on a normal day. This guy fought Gremmy who had the power to bend reality with his imagination, and he still couldn't imagine his way out of losing to Kenpachi.

3. Saturo Gojo of Jujustsu Kaisen 

I lowkey almost don't enjoy this guy's fights because he is just too far ahead of his enemies, it doesn't even make sense. Like, how do you touch a guy that can put infinite space between you and them with another dimension? And he is badass with movement too. Shoutout to Toji Fushiguro who at least came close because he didn't use spirit energy.  E for just finish wetin e start. But yeah, they need to make a real OP boss to give this guy a hard time we can enjoy. 

2. Madara Uchia From Naruto 

See see see eh, if I read any comment saying Itachi can take Madara, I'm going to find you and we will settle the fight in real life. How do you compare a boy that killed his entire village consisting largely of kids and non-ninjas to a boss that took the entire shinobi world and didn't even break a sweat? If not for Guy Sensei (shoutout to the 8th gate), Madara would have done it with one hand. In fact, dare I say it, if not that "good has to win" - Hashirama Senju would have collected beatings in the Final Valley too. Oya, come and beat me. 

1. Saitama from One Punch Man

From the name of the anime, you can already tell how his fight goes. I was so happy to read about God Garuo giving the heroes a hard time in the manga. But when Saitama turned up on him! Bruh! How do you defeat a guy with no limit that can also grow at an exponential rate? It's not even fair. This man has farts that can project him across space to match teleport speeds. He has a sneeze that could destroy Jupiter. If you like, bring Goku in Super Sayan Squared mode, bring anybody you like, Superman mixed with Thanos = Saitama will beat them like they stole bread.      

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September 27, 2023 12:26 PM

Goku na number 2, why is he not here

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September 27, 2023 12:28 PM

I just happy say you know Satiama go remove e teeth. But yeah, Goku is good enough for number 2

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Simon Akintayo
September 27, 2023 3:24 PM

Them suppose flog person wey write this list with belt!

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September 27, 2023 8:48 PM

Oya, Simon, who is on your list?

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