Capone and Umanzi Beef Match (E CHOKE!)

By Anonymous

May 02, 2023

Woooo - if you watched this match on live stream, you might have increased your blood pressure if you supported any player. These guys sabi! Their movement, use of walls not just for defence, but offensively to trap opponents. Just absolute class. If you think you have it in you - come and try any of these guys. 

It ended in a victory for Capone with a point lead as you can see. But you will have to watch the stream and decide for yourself who might win in a rematch. 

Congratulations to Capone! You'll get him next time Umanzi. Big shout out to our sponsors Tecno for making this possible. If you're not playing with the SPARK 10 SERIES, what are you playing with?

And in case you forgot how it all started... here is a refresher on the genesis of this gabs-gbos... 

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