DAILY 2K AND WEEKEND 100K (Let's go!)

By Anonymous

October 09, 2023

Hello 88ers, 

It's a new week again, and guess what? The daily 2k games are back and bigger than ever with a $65 weekend cashout for CODM players, and a $25 for Free Fire players. Feeling brave yet? You better watch the last game to see the level of chairmen we have here. If you no sabi, you go collect woto woto oh!

 Make sure you check out 88Gamersclub daily for the games - and sign up to the weekend bonanza game sponsored by Gamic. Yes, they are the sponsors so you have to download their app. If e easy, bring dollars for us to give out. 

Special Weekend Tournament HERE CODM

Special Weekend Tournament HERE FREE FIRE

Daily Games HERE

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October 11, 2023 4:02 PM


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