88GC Organize Nigeria's Largest eSport Event at AFRIFF

December 29, 2021

88Gamersclub makes Nigerian esports history with 774 registered players for a solo tournament event 

The Call of Duty Mobile title is definitely one of the continent’s favourites with teams and duos sprouting from every country in the Sub-Saharan African region on a daily. 

In November 2021 , AFRIFF and 88GC came together to organise Nigeria's largest eSports events. The aim was to showcase Nigerian esports to the world and usher in a new mode of entertainment and job opportunities to the youths in the region.

The announcement of the AFRIFF eSports championship, caused a storm in the Nigerian gaming community and landscape, this resulted in a record breaking 776 players registering to take part in the AFRIFF eSport Championship within a 2 weeks period and 6000 online tournament viewers. 

With a cash pool of N500,000 on the line, sadly, only the best of the best could walk away with the loot, and so the battle ensued. 

Night after night, gamers from Lagos, Nigeria competed for a shot at glory. 

Beyond the money, of course, there were the bragging rights, with the finals to hold live at FilmHouse Cinema in Landmark Center – nobody wanted to be shown up on the big screen. But first, each contender had to earn their place in the final 4 through the group stages.

 If you missed the action; here are some links to catch up with. 


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So finally, they were four – VIRUS, SENSEI, SAMMY, KIPSLIM. If you watched the finals live in theatre or on stream, you already know how this showdown went. But if you didn’t – do yourself a favour and check it out now

We salute Sensei, the undisputed 1v1 Nigerian CODM champion. If you think you are better, come get him on the next one! Details loading – keep ranking!  

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