Barça presents their official League of Legends team

December 29, 2021

Club to participate in the 2022 Superliga, the highest level competition for the eSport in Spain, organised by the Professional Video games League (LVP, Mediapro Group)

FC Barcelona presented their official League of Legends team today. They will compete in the Superliga, the highest level competition of the eSports game in Spain from the start of the season on January 10, 2022.

The team roster features the following players: Jakub "Dreedy" Viceník, as top laner, Dimitar "Lebron" Kostadinov, as jungle, Mihail "Twohoyrz" Petkov, as midlaner, Matthew "Deadly" Smith as ADcarry, and Luca "Lucky" Santos as support. The other members of the team are Alejandro "Mapache" Parejo and Martín "Martín" Jiménez, head coach and performance coach respectively.

The team's official presentation had more of an eSports style with live streaming from the Barcelona International Gaming Center (BIG C). The event was attended by the caster, Noa, as well as FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta, marketing vice-president Juli Guiu, and managing director Ferran Reverter.

The live streaming began with a presentation of each member of the League of Legends Superliga team, who then played a best-of-three exhibition match against the Movistar Riders team, who will also take part in the upcoming competition.

Other notable teams that FC Barcelona will face include G2 Arctic, MAD Lions Madrid, and the recent incorporation of a club owned by the streamer Ibai Llanos and one of Barça´s first-team captains, Gerard Piqué.    

Thoughts of Juli Guiu, FC Barcelona marketing vice-president

“Joining the League of Legends, the most followed game in the sector with double digit growth in audiences year on year, is a landmark moment in our commitment to eSports. The investment in this team is part of the Club's B2B2C strategy with the same ambition as FC Barcelona has on the pitch - to become a key global player and create a leading team that will help bring the Club and its philosophy to new audiences.”

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