Penny Tree Road to Honour Is Here

January 26, 2022

PennyTree Brings eSport Gaming Lifestyle to Fintech, eyeing Nigeria’s Largest Esports Event With 88Gamersclub

Nigerian fintech start-up isn’t your usual stiff-lipped micro-finance app service or just another savings app. It is fintech meets lifestyle, and they are putting their money where their mouth is with a N600,000.00 esports tournament to bring excitement to the scene like never before. And to add butter to this already sweet bread, PennyTree has also made a referral bonus of N500.00 available to all players for inviting their friends to the tournament. And you are allowed up to 100 referrals in one month!  

You read that right, PennyTree will reward you with N500.00 for every person you refer to their app (even if they aren’t playing). So get your mother, brother, sister, and even your dog if he has a BVN!


With that said, if you are a Call of Duty Battle Royale player in the region, perhaps this is a good time to grab your most trusted gaming buddy because you will need a friend on your team to join this duo team-based tournament. 

How to Take Part


+ Download the Penny Tree App ( Android Download   /   Apple Download )

+ Register on the Penny Tree App

+ Receive your E-mail verification 

+ Deposit account number verification (to receive money) 

+ Debit card verification (to load up your money)

+ Log on to 88GC.GG

+ Register for Tournament 

+ Sit back and relax or play other games

While there is much excitement as the esports scene continues to expand in Nigeria, it is always a step in the right direction when brands with an interest in the youth population choose this option for marketing and market digital penetration. One can only expect many more entrants in the space over time, but the first movers have all the advantages to play with.


88Gamersclub is excited about this event and promises content quality and player treatment at the standard they are known for. If you aren’t a member yet, perhaps this is a good time to sign up at You don’t want to miss out on any of this action!


The PennyTree Road to Honour tournament kicks off on the 7th of February and registration is now open. Don’t miss out on the action! 


Click HERE to register NOW!

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