Unknown Players Party WEEK 2

PUBG Mobile

Unknown Players Party WEEK 2

Saturday, March 12, 2022 | 7:00 PM

0 Prize


All players are to be registered on the website


At least 3 players must have downloaded the penny tree app and submitted their pentags in 



Register players whose account is at level 30 or higher.

Register players who are in the same clan with matching insignia.

Register a roster containing a minimum of 4 players, and a maximum of 6 players

Register a maximum of one (1) team.

Ensure players join rooms on time, and remain in their respective slots.

A minimum of three players in a team is allowed to play a match.

Maintain their registered name, insignia and clan, otherwise permitted by staff

No form of hacking, cheating or bug exploitations

use of unregistered players will result in a point deduction

Avoid the use of flares, all mic and  abusive word

The use of Emulators is NOT allowed.

Players are required to have all the maps. Any player who doesn't have the required map on match day would be kicked out of the room.

players are encouraged to record gameplay and screenshot match results because they made be required at any time 

Players will only be paid through penny-tree 

Players outside Nigeria will be paid the UC equivalent of the cash pool



Daily Qualifiers Mon to Thursday 

Three 3 matches daily

Matches start at 9 pm WAT



Weekend Finals Saturday

Top FOUR (4) teams daily to qualify to Finals

SIXTEEN (16) teams play finals


Price distribution per week:

1st place 25k

2nd place 15k

3rd place 10k


1st Place   =  15 Points

2nd Place   =  12 Points

3rd Place   =  10 Points

4th Place   =  8 Points

5th Place   =  6 Points

6th Place   =  4 Points

7th Place   =  2 Points

8th Place   =  1 Points

9th Place   =  1 Points

10th Place  =  1 Point

11th Place  =  1 Point

12th Place  =  1 Point

13th - 24th =  0 Point.

1 Kill = 1 Point.

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